"Look Into My Eyes" is an ongoing documentary project examining the intimacy and companionship between people and love dolls.  The people photographed live with their dolls in a similar fashion to what we would see in conventional couples - domestic, sexual and romantic scenes play out. The approach to connecting with a love doll is likely familiar to us. We may have spent long hours in childhood creating the lives of our action figures, pets, and dolls. Life is breathed into them as we imagine their personality, speak with them, act out scenarios and create memories together. These objects become the personification of different parts of ourselves, our desires and the attachment we long for with others. This story is about a group of people seeking to create a source for the things that they long for. More importantly, it demonstrates the ubiquitous and foundational needs of intimacy, connection and feeling understood.
Anthony sits next to his doll, Elizabeth, surrounded by his dogs in England. 2023
Jonathan leans into the shoulder of Carrie, one of his dolls, in a park near his home in England. His dolls are mostly plush, with silicone faces. 2023
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