Amongst the Landscapes and Markets
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Entry point to the Huayhuash trail, Peru
The reserved zone of the Cordillera Huayhuash protects land which is owned by small communities. They use the high mountain areas for grazing livestock, subsistence farms and to receive payment from the hiking permits which tourists seek. The area became protected in 2002 to halt the interests of mining companies.
Workers in a Cusco market prepare their produce for customers, Peru
Women lay out flowers, herbs and vegetables in a street market, Cusco, Peru
A woman digs through her sacks of potatoes in the Wanchaq Market, Cusco
Peru has many fruit and veggie markets, where you also find fresh meat, poultry and fish. The geography of the country allows it to produce foods year around that are limited by seasons in other countries. 
The hiking trails provide job opportunities to mountain guides, cooks and donkey drivers who assist the backpackers through the area.
A woman peels potatoes to sell at the Wanchaq Market, Cusco
Children play in the empty seating area of the Wanchaq Market, Cusco
Siula Grande Base Camp, Peru
Mt. Siula became famous after the release of mountaineer Joe Simpson's book Touching the Void, which chronicled his harrowing experience climbing the mountain. 
A girl stands in the back of a fruit truck, Huaraz, Peru
A man polishes the shoes of police officers in Lima, Peru
Children playing in a market, Cusco, Peru
A women cleans her cooking space in a market in Cusco
Stacks of items surround a women at her stall in the market, Cusco, Peru
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